"Your Network Is Your Net Worth"

...To Put It Another way, Who Is In Your Circle?

Most people like you, who aim to continuously grow and get better, are not surrounded by the right people to help them hit their goals and get where they want to be in life.

If your like most entrepreneurs, you probably feel misunderstood and judged by the one you spend the most time with.

They say things like as "Must Be Nice" or "When is enough, enough?" or "You Work To Hard, Life's not all about making money" and a whole bunch of other BS sayings I'm sure you've heard a hundred times.

One of my favorite sayings is: " If You Want To Go Fast Go Alone, If You Want To Go Far Go Together"

Let's face it, this game can be lonely AF if your not surrounded by the right people.

If you surround yourself with people who are not committed to excellence, you may end up settling for less without even realizing it...

Your Circle Has Value And You Deserve To Surround Yourself With Winners...

People Who Get You And Understand You.

People Who Push You To Do More.

People On Your Team, That Want You To Win.


"I made 90K in 90days after joining The Syndicate" Caleb A.

That's Exactly What The Syndicate Is.

The Syndicate Is A Mastermind Network of Real Estate Wholesalers and Investors Striving To Become The Best Version Of Themselves Both In Business And In Life.

As A Member Of The Syndicate, Your Job Is To Become The Best Version Of Yourself And Help Others In The Syndicate Do The Same.

A Chain Is Only As Strong As It's Weakest Link. That's Why We Focus On Not Only Becoming The Best Version Of Ourselves, But Helping Others Too.

What Separates The Syndicate From All Of The Other Masterminds Out There?? OUR CORE VALUES AND OUR MISSION...

The Breakdown

What You Get When Join The Syndicate

  • Access To The Private Mastermind FB Group

  • Expert Guest Speakers

  • Weekly Zoom Calls and Trainings

  • Weekly Accountability and Goal Setting

  • Discounted Tickets To Events

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